One of the most important objectives of our company is the effective distribution securement of material from the manufacturing plants to our customers.

Preparation of material is done in the warehouse of our manufacturing plant in Kapfenberg (Austria). Ever since implementing a fully automated, unit-load storage system in 2013, the warehouse (HUB Kapfenberg) has been supplying sales companies all over the world, and directly prepares material, including cutting, for sales companies in Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia.

The automated, high rack storage system has 3500 storage cassettes, and can store individual materials up to 6 m long and weight up to 3500 kg. The warehouse handles more than 100 000 orders every year.

The warehouse contains a cutting centre, which has 40 block saws and 9 milling machines, and handles over 50 000 items per year.

Transportation from our distribution warehouse in Martin to our customers is ensured via contract carriers, parcel services and our delivery truck service all over Slovakia. Transportation is arranged individually according to a contract with the customer and their demands.